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Uggh.....Testing......Andrews here. You might know me somewhere. The lumbering jack stuff.It's a long story. Ugh, my head hurts.

I was still...........Alive. I don't know how, but surely I...was. I'm still healing. I think I' the middle of the woods. I think I'm dead in the real world...but alive, in this dimension. I think this is my...soul.

I'm not in the real world. I could taste the bitter metallic air. Fog is everywhere. There were tall sharp trees, which I really hope wouldn't fall.

God, where the hell am I? I'd appreciate if I find someone here.

I really hope this recorder wouldn't break down.

I'm now heading south, because that's where I think is safe.

The trees kinda give me the willies. Wait, what was that? Oh, my phone! It's ringing! Hmm, Unknown caller. But whoever it is, he should be also stuck in here.

Hello? Hello? Oh. Are you stuck here? Like me? Great! Thx so much! I'll meet ya there! Bye!

Guess what? Someone who's offering help to me! It's a girl named Bailey and she's another lost soul like me.