This is a classic!
This is a well-known pasta. Plot changes should not be added until information has been released by the author.

This is fake. Please don't believe this story.

I haven't touched Minecraft now. I am too scared to do it. I can't open it. IT haunts me. It wants blood. I am the only one who has encountered it. Here is my story.

2 weeks ago, I was playing Minecraft and building a stone creeper. It was a normal day, and the Minecraft music made me feel relaxed. I was making the head until I heard footsteps running in grass. I turned around. No one. I grew suspicious about it when the footsteps began to appear left and right. But no figure seemed to be approaching, so I just continued on with my work. It was nighttime in-game when I finished my statue. I sighed and exhaled, then suddenly a totally unexpected thing occurred: my game glitched, and the moon texture was changed into a beastly one. I was surprised at first, and then frightened as the moon got bigger and bigger.

I screamed and quit the game, and said to myself, "Notch, stop pulling an April Fools' joke. It's not April 1st yet." Suddenly, the game closed. Then a red text appeared, saying, "I AM NOT NOTCH. I AM LUNAR." And my computer crashed. How did it hear me? I couldn't turn it on for a minute while it was all turning off, so I waited.

After 3 minutes, the device reopened. I checked on Minecraft to see what was going on, and I figured out there was a new world that had been created. It was titled "ERROR.UNKNOWNNAME" with the seed "łûńæ". I opened it, and I was in an ordinary world, where it was nighttime. I looked up, and found the moon staring at me, and it asked in the chat, "MAKE A WISH." What the h*ck? Was it 303? So I sent back, "Are you 303?" It replied, "303 IS NOT HERE. HE IS NOT SATANIC. NOR IS HEROBRINE. THEY BOTH ARE DEAD AND BANISHED, BUT I, LUNAR, SATANIC KILLER, WILL SEE YOUR WISH." And the game closed once again. Then a red text appeared saying, "Make a wish..." I wished that the moon wasn't there. A new mail appeared in my Gmail. I opened it, and there was only a text with no title that said "WRONG CHOICE." I was wide-eyed, and filled with fear. I switched back to Minecraft, and the moon was covering the menu screen, its red, satanic, glowing eyes staring at me. Text appeared on the screen, saying, "I AM HERE, AS YOU WISHED." What?!? I didn't wish that! Minecraft once again closed. Only two red eyes remained on my screen with a text below them: LUNAR IS COMING FOR YOU.

Suddenly, I heard soft footsteps. I turned around, and the footsteps got louder and louder, until they stopped in front of my door. The doorknob swung open, and somehow I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in a very dark place. I don't know where I was, but it was a very dark place. I was in a chair, wrapped with iron chains. I couldn't wiggle or snap out of it. Then, two red eyes appeared, and approached me...

Part 2 coming soon! Part 2 will be in another page, so this is finished.

IMG 0976

The Lunar in minecraft.

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