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One midnight when playing Minecraft, there was I sign in my Diamond block house (I use creative mode). The sign had a link to a website I have never heard of. I logged off Minecraft and typed the link in the "Search or enter address" search bar. It took me to a Minecraft skins website. The main skin I could use was Alex in negative color. I didn't want to use it but then I saw a skin that caught my attention. It was a Steve skin with red eyes and a emo jacket that said, "YEAH!" I downloaded it but the download crashed. I tried the weird Alex skin in negative color. I tried downloading it and the computer turned off. I wouldn't turn on until I said, " @#!*% " and then the desktop showed up without any loading screen. I slowly and carefully launched Minecraft again while my hand was shaking. The background of the screen was a picture of my desktop. My skin wasn't the weird Alex or Steve skin, it was instead a guy that had grey eyes, pale skin, and had his throat slit. The guys face expression seemed to be in pain and his moth looked like it was coughing blood. This guy was bleeding to death. Then I heard a voice in the background that said, " @#!*% , help me" in a low voice and sounded like he was coughing while saying it. I went back to the website only to say, "Page 404'd" I reloaded the page only for it to say, "Page 303'd" I kept reloading the page until it said, "Page 101'd" I reloaded the page one more time but then the computer went to the blue screen of death. But instead of small white letters talking about a computer virus, it instead was in a huge font saying one word and three numbers, "Computer 000'd."