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First Sighting

I was playing 1.4.7 with my friends on a private server, and I should add that me and my friends were the only people who knew the IP Address. This will be important later on. Anyways, we were all just building and doing random crap like building houses and statues. As I was building a fountain, in the corner of my screen almost all the way out of my render distance I saw something that looked like a player. Intrigued by this mysterious entity, I typed in the chat fuck you my friends

I told my friends to follow me and they did. The entity had a normal Steve skin but was going at flying speed while walking, so it was kind of hard to catch up. He turned around and when I looked at it and it's texture immediately


My skin which Mimic morphed into

turned to my skin and he began to mimic my movement exactly. I asked it who it was, and he replied with "Mimic." I then typed in the chat "Why are you here?" and it just replied "To Mimic." I couldn't type in the chat anymore and it immediately turned half into my friend's skin, half into my other friend's skin and somehow split into two, with the inside of the model completely empty. When I looked inside of him, I could see through as if he was invisible. After that, he disappeared.

Feeling quite frightened (who wouldn't be) I logged off and invited my friends to a Skype chat, including several other people including my friend Mike, who was very smart with computer stuff. We all pitched in ideas, and posted our problem and ideas on the Minecraft forum. We got a reply from a person who's username was Mimic. He said, "I am Mimic. You do not ask questions." When I refreshed the page, it was deleted, and I looked for Mimic's user page, but I couldn't find it anywhere. When I typed in what it might be, but it was deleted.

Second Sighting

This sighting sparked my search party. I was on the same server except with more people, and people were far and wide searching. Someone named SourPatchKid32 said that he found him and I teleported to him, and he wasn't telling a lie. Mimic was just standing there, not moving at all. Not even his model was moving. All of a sudden, he jerked his head towards me and his texture turned to my skin.

Mimic: Back again, old chum?

FilthyFrankFTW: What do you want from us?

Mimic: Nothing, just a place to live. You can call off your little search party.

FilthyFrankFTW: You are weird.

Third Sighting?

The search party was over, we hadn't seen Mimic for a year and three months. It was if he forgot about us, and some of us forgot about him, except for me and my friends. We were all determined on finding him, and we kept on looking and looking. For whatever reason, I opened up the .minecraft folder and looked around for anything and when I opened up the assets folder, I found a .txt file called "MIMIC IS EVERYWHERE". I'll paste it here:

HELLO -my name-


I am not here to entertain

I am not here to anger

I am not here to bring distraught

You need to wake up to a higher existence

Just wake up

You are asleep.

I haven't seen or heard of anything from Mimic yet, but I'm sure I'll see more.


I'll mimic mimic mimic mimic mimic mimic mimic

It's all permanent

Mimicking is only the beginning

Soon something else will happen

Fourth Sighting

It had been annother year.  I decided to make a new singleplayer world, however, when I clicked the singleplayer button, all my worlds had been deleted. I clicked the button to make a new game, and something seemed to be typing the name in.

Oh God.

It's Mimic.

Continuing later because I have to leave now.