I went to buy Minecraft on some website because on that website it was FREE. I downloaded Minecraft.file 666. for free.

I thought "What could possibly go wrong?"

The Minecraft title screen was not normal. The Minecraft logo had blood on it and a Herobrine skull.

Me being me I pressed Singleplayer which now said YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I created a new world. The world was all weird because the sky was bloody red and the animals kept attacked me. I found a sign saying

"livinghell1fdfdresedtdestesssssdiertfgfdgfgdfdfcreepdd1" I thought it was gibberish, thank god I saw the words

living hell die and creep. At night I saw him. I saw Herobrine. I thought he was fake. Herobrine killed me and the screen was saying YOU ARE DEAD FOREVER and the buttons said YOU CANT RESPAWN and YOU CANT ESCAPE. I was shocked, so was my brother, sister, my mother and father.

I called this Minecraft hell game Minecraft Haunted Edition. If you ever download the game and see the title screen with blood on it, QUIT MINECRAFT FOREVER!

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