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Herobrine, a common character in minecraft creepypastas.


This is the website for Minecraft creepypastas. 

Just for awareness, currently, editing other people's pages without permission and rude commenting in general. These will most likely lead to bans, due to the majority of our contributors being anons. 

From now on, if you would like to make a trollpasta, please list "trollpasta" as a category, or it will be deleted in haste. Thank you. 


Basically as it says in the Welcome I review loads of Minecraft creepypastas I find all over the internet and if they are good enough they get posted here! Go on and read!


Edit 17/09/2014:

Whilst I wanted this to be a community driven wikia page, it seems we have more and more trolls and spammers coming in, and I am deciding that I will be cracking down on this and I will now be banning anyone spamming, trolling, editing others' work (without permission from, either the creepypasta poster or me, LifeUpStudios). If you are doing this, I will not consider any unbans for any reason.

Edit 07/06/2015:

I have been relatively ill for a while since I was last regulating this website. I am returning and continuing with my previous actions, as stated above. Sorry for the downtime from my end.


Note for the constantly returning "Skeleton and Q-16"

Note: If you're not Skeleton and Q-16, you need not bother to read this, unless you want to.

You propose a teaming up sort of idea, but I see no reason to, all it seems your wiki is based on is either insulting me via your comments or trollpastas unrelated to Minecraft. In complete honesty, I occasionally consider letting this wiki go to everyone on their own now that I have put specific rule-sets down, meaning I'd only occasionally have to return to check up on certain things and enforce my rule-sets on occasion. If I'm completely honest, the only reason I'm currently returning so often is because you keep returning via other I.P's and messing with things and still insulting me. I see no reason to actually even promote your wiki when it has practically no relation to this wiki.

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