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Wiki Updates

9/1/2018 By Bella1963

I understand anyone would be angry if their stories were deleted, but there is a couple of reasons why your story might be deleted.

1. Your story's grammar was too awful. If you're just too lazy to edit your “hard work”, then at least run the story through softwares like Grammarly so people can actually read it.

2. Despite the fact that this wiki is a writing platform anyone with an account can contribute to, we have quality standards. The story can't be overly cliche, have no plot, is far too short and/or is a spam page.

3. If you’re not finished with your pasta yet, please put the {{WIP}} template at the very top of your pasta so the wiki staff won't delete it by mistake.

If you still think the deletion is unfair, contact one of our staff. But please, if your pasta matches with any of the category above, just think of a new story. You can also ask other users of the wiki for writing tips if you need help.

8/17/2018 by Finalcutter55

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