Hello. I am Calireo Thirdy 342. This is my own very creepy story.

Note: Like all creepypastas, this is fake.

As you know, I have encountered both 303 and Enderbrine. So when I spawned on a plains biome I noticed my skin was different. Good thing I used 3rd person camera. The bad thing is I found myself in a very weird rainbow looking thing with an "I" on the skin like a really big hole. I just carried on and got some oak wood, but it doesn't look like an oak tree because the leaves were yellow. I just went to get the wood and built my tools. When I went to the cave, I noticed someone was saying anonymous words. There was no nametag. I did not see it. Later, I was splashed with a Potion of Blindness and I suddenly spawned to a desert, mesa, and tundra . It was weird. Later, I switched to Creative but I couldn't fly. Later, I looked at the chat room and that anonymous jabdam or chat is starting again. I went back to Survival.

Anonymous Player: What are you doing?

Calireo Thirdy 342: Is someone talking to me? I cannot see that person!

Anonymous Player: I see you! Run now.

Calireo Thirdy 342: Lolo Romy?

Calireo Thirdy 342: Oh there are weird noises. Annoying talaga!

Anonymous Player: Run now. I am watching.

Calireo Thirdy 342: Is this my former enemy or something?

The strange sounds got louder, and I saw some redstone in the cave that I couldn't break. I went out to my crafting bench, created more stone tools and started to build my house, until I saw netherrack and some lava around my house. Someone said "Jag är här nu" which means "I am here now." This time, I knew it! But later on, so many Endermen were in my house, which made me run away. Later on, I saw the strangest thing happen in my house, a block falling down. It was weirder than I thought. Later, I saw a blended 303 and Enderbrine which I called Brine Oh Three. Then later, "BOT" placed an ice block under my feet and I teleported to the nether, ender, mesa, village, and just weird stuff. This makes me scared so I went out.

So if you play Minecraft, please be really careful. I don't want you to end up like me. Good luck guys.