Most of the stories of creepypastas in Minecraft is in normal Minecraft, however, this encouter was in Minecraft Story Mode. 

This also continues from my other one, the weird Steve.

First encounter

It was a sunny day. I started my PS4 up so I could play some Story Mode, I thought nothing bad could happen but I was wrong. I was just starting the game up when it said a new version was available. I mean heck, might as well download it. It took many hours to download it but finally it finished, it seemed like the normal game, but my save files were gone so I started over from the beginning. It didn't let me choose a skin, though. I shook it off and didn't care. It started as me running through a forest with a black skin. What was I? It then changed to a blue face on the screen with black eyes, I got scared and tried to quit but it wouldn't let me, so I left it on and ran to my friend Martha's house and told her about it. She tried to play Story Mode but it wouldn't load so we notified our other friends. Kyle was still missing but Martha's game started and on the screen was Ender Steve!

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