Yesterday was the scariest day ever. I don't even know what happened. Basically, I was in a stronghold in a jungle with my pet cat. I gave up on the stronghold and just started walking around in the jungle. Pretty soon, I heard a long whine from my cat. I turned around to see white smoke rising up, showing that my cat was dead. "But how?" I thought. I looked around, and there was nothing around. I heard a cow, but I didn't see any animal around me. Just a chicken that my cat was about to hunt, I think. I needed shelter, fast. I cut down a couple of trees and just built a random cubed house. Soon, some blocks started to break on their own. I thought it was lag, so I just replaced them. Soon, my door broke down. No zombies outside. I stayed back. I didn't have any blocks on me, so I couldn't block off the door. I wasn't that smart, and I couldnt think to use the grass under me as a door. But whatever. Pretty soon, a monster entered. A mooshroom, but in a player form, barged in with an axe in its hand. It started to kill me but I knocked it back. soon, it started digging a tunnel under. It went all the way down to bedrock and under. Soon, it rose up and killed me when I had my back turned. I respawned in some sort of cave. I am typing this as I'm reading the sign that was in front of me. The sign said "" I don't think I will ever forget the screech it made after it killed me.