Everything was fine until the Twilight Mod came in to the Overworld. The trees were wrong colors, the ground seemed different. The sky was a virtual black. It seemed gloomy. Well, no one had ever actually survived this mod in PC edition. All except, Jai. Everything was set, she was supposed to find all the secrets, and all the new mobs. Until, she disappeared. She didn't come back from her Minecraft mission. Two other people, separately traveled into the Mod, but none could find her. They came back with empty news. Someone had to become brave, and travel into the farthest depths of the Twilight Mod.

The day finally came, where someone stepped up and was brave enough to go out to find Jai. This person was named, Endraiden. Who would find the missing explorer.

Well, That's all I got so . . . hope that helps you a tad bit. Your are highly welcome.

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