This is story begins 4 years ago then whas a kid what have name whas Jim who has benn trolled by he's friend many times they with temples with loot's special item and many stuff the trolls contineud and contineud then the they friends troll him with a scary resourse pack the they use a scary pig and the kid died by heart attack he's friends didn't cnow what he's gona die.Jims soul can been gone wihout revenge soo Strike Of Death come into real life and he made him into ghost soo he can take he's revenge.They friends playing minecraft and found a strange ghostly entity with x on he's mouth and Strike Of Death Tshirt and they killed them bouth in minecraft and real life they found with a sight im take you holidays with me thanks 2 Strike of Death.From that day no 1 see ever again Jim ever in he's life but really Strike Of Death can bee quit there he's need 2 stopped beffore its late.

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