I whas playing minecraft on hypixel then im saw a player he said what he whas new in the server and he's the first server and he's want too cnow how too play im help him and he's thank me.Wee went on sky wars and he's transformed into a bat and he's kill all the players and he's said they cinda taste good im freaked out but im thing what whas some power up in sky wars and he's wanted too troll me too thing what he whas a vampire.Next wee played build battle after and the theme whas players he build players dead and a vampire laughing i whas feel wierd but ik thing he whas he's really whant too thing what he whas a vampire and im just ignore he's vampire stuff after wee played a new minigame he whas always winning in a vampire way.He wins and wins and i whas feel wierd then wee play a a game named murder mustery the game im like the most he whas the murder and i whas detective i whas walking and he's start becoming crazy he's start becoming into bat im don't thing what he whas him then he's kill me and he said don't you thing the bat don't you.Then he's start becoming really crazy he's said im want more im said him let's stop playing killing minigames let's play build battle even if the game im like the most is murder mystery he's said im want more he's become crazy im said what he's said im want more im said no let's be more peaceful now he's said but im want more blood im freaked out im said him you creepy and im start playing singleplayer.


Off just little bit peaceful for now im playing on singleplayer im not gona saw him then a bat attack me then its gona then somoane said me you thing i whas gone for you then many bats start attacking me then im saw deim again he's start laughing and said im not gona from your world until im drink you blood im strat running and running but he's summoned many bats the water changed too lava the grass too soul sand everything whas become evil and minecraft crashed.

JPEG 20161214 212331 1299755938



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