I was making a YouTube video of Minecraft one day, until I found world called 'Camsar's 10101010101-10101010010101 FILE.ERROR'. It was strange, so I decided to delete it. I went on my world pages, and I was just teleported into a world. I spawned on a cross, with a sign in front of me saying 'ERROR 3030303030303030303030303 6666666666666666666'. I was scared to death, and decided to move on. I went along a sandy path and paused for a second. I was going to get a drink, but I had to stay in my room. I unpaused, and was in Survival, but I was in creative. I then found one of those... dead soul things? Whatever, but anyway, it approached toward me. I hit it 2 or 3 times, then It caught up to me. When it hit me, my game froze for a second, and then my hand turned red and kicked me off to my desktop. It was strange, and when I ended the video, I got a G-Mail message. 'From, Mojang: ERROR 30303030303030330303030303030303003030303'. If translated, it says Error code 303: World Corruption: File.Corrupt.

And here is the footage link to youtube:

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