This is the first time I ever encountered herobrine in any kind of Minecraft.

I was playing Minecraft on PC, I started a brand new survival world on hard difficulty. I walked around for a while, punching trees, making tools, building a house. Until i saw a tiny 3x3 pyramid with a block on top on the water. It was strange. Then when I looked back all the trees leaves were gone. I thought someone was trolling me but I wasn't online or on a server. Then I saw a figure run through the fog, I chased it but it was too fast for me. I decided just to let it go and focus on surviving. Then things got really weird. I found a 2x2 tunnel with redstone torches in it. I looked over the edge of the tunnel and saw lava at the bottom. Suddenly someone punched me and knocked me into the lava. I died and lost all my items. Then I spawned near a bed nearly at the bottom of the world. It was weird so I decided to log off of Minecraft and go to bed because it was pretty late at night.

When I woke up I logged back on and I was still at the bottom of the world. I walked around for a bit until I fell into a hole surrounded by gold blocks. There was Redstone torches and Netherrack. I saw a sign that said "behind you". I looked behind me and there he was. A player, they had no nametag and they had the default Steve skin but empty, white eyes. As soon as I saw them my game crashed and sent me to the desktop. I had no clue what happened so I decided to relog. When I came back to the world the entire world was burning and I was still in survival mode. I saw another small pyramid but this time I broke the block above the space and found a dungeon-type room. It had a lot of skeleton heads and Redstone torches. When I looked in the chest there was a "H" made of Netherrack in the chest. I turned around and I saw the same player again. This time I didn't crash when I saw them. I ran for the latter exit but as soon as I got close to the top my game crashed again. I relogged for the last time but when I tried to enter any of my worlds they were all corrupted. Some spawned me deep underground or in the nether above lava. Some wouldn't let me join at all. I had to reinstall Minecraft to get my worlds to work again.

DISCLAIMER: like all creepy pastas (or most) this story is fake. Herobrine is not real neither is Entity 303 null or lick.

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