The Story

It was my first time on Minecraft. I was so excited! I had spawned in some sort of scrapyard...The ground was some sort of podzol, and sprouting out of it were trees. But the leaves were black. I was confused, but I mined anyway. I turned it into Peaceful so I could mine through the night as well. My render distance was really low, so I immediately recognised a all black figure coming to me through the fog.

The next day at school, I told everyone I was being stalked by a weird player in Minecraft. They all laughed and thought I was referring to the Herobrine myth, which I didn't know about at the time. One of my friends however went into great concern and dragged me aside. "Was he all black?"he asked. I knew I couldn't lie, so I didn't. He began to worry. He told me all about Herobrine, then someone else. "An all-black figure of darkness."He said. "You saw Null. He is Herobrine, but he has become so corrupt he has changed. He will corrupt your game and"

I didn't believe him. I went back on my world that evening. Somehow, I spawned in a cave I had never seen before. My computer was glitching madly, and then... Null. I was falling into blackness. I didn't know what had happened... My screen went white, then purple. It was glitching so madly I almost screamed. I saw Null. And then... I didn't know what had happened. I began to fall. I started glitching. I was in the game. I was the game.

I realized what had happened. Null disappeared, splitting into hundreds of black particles all around me. My game became black. I became black.

I am Null.

Wrote by The Black Cat

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Hi, this is Black Cat here, 23 minutes after making this and TheChicken423 has edited this. Again, I remind you editing is strictly forbidden.


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