Mysterious World In Minecaft 1.9

So Alot Of people have been asking me in the forum to download this 4 years old world in minecraft. The Reason why i dont put links down is because im trying to investigate what occur and what is wrong in the world either a glitch, chunk error and so on etc.

What Happened?

Now as usual people/friends really wanted to know the truth about this mysterious world that have been around here for 4 years. The creepy thing is that the one who made this world died from a car accident. This took place in the U.K, Birmingham. After a few month people started going into his world to check and see what he built and did manage to finish the game (which means killed the ender dragon) however people started noticing weird things inside his world. Some of them noticed that some of the houses he built was gone. I know that most of you would be thinking that "Ahh.. thats just a seed error" however ts not. Some Trees were left with no leaves and some biomes were mixed up together.

Is There Download Link For this World?

I am sorry to say this but no, there have been strange sightings of some figure in this world. Last night we were doing an episode of the Hunter Tales on our youtube channel and we discovered what we dont really want to find out. Soo... here's the thing: We found sand pyramid, signs saying 'H3LP', And Some really strange looking figure.

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