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I was playing Minecraft on February 3rd, 2015. I was wondering around like a dummy, but my friends said they would come to get me. I was like ``YAY!`` They never came... I looked in the chat to see if they left the game or something. The chat didn`t say anything but that they were all killed by NAMEDATA. JoeyXD was killed by NAMEDATA. XxLollipupxX was killed by NAMEDATA. Xx_Hired4Life_xX was killed by NAMEDATA. I was freaked out by this, but I didn`t worry to much about it. I was walking around in a roofed forest for an hour but then I finally found a village. I had 4 emeralds on my hands so I decided to trade with the Blacksmith. I got a diamond sword for 2 emeralds! LOL! I made a bed with the pink wool I had and I fell asleep in the Librarians house. I woke up and I noticed a cobblestone church that was not there before I fell asleep.I thought maybe that one of my friends used MCedit or something like that. There was a name tag inside the church and I could hardly read it. At first I thought it was Herobrine or Null. I don`t believe in Entity 303. LOL! I got closer to the church and the name tag read NAMEDATA. JoeyXD had a customizable mobs mod and he just made a mob named NAMEDATA or something. I realized there was another name tag and it read @@%(^$(). I went inside and I saw a Skeleton named @@%(^$() but I didn`t see anything named NAMEDATA. I heard some running outside the cobblestone church so I went outside and I saw a figure named NAMEDATA running. I ran after it and it stopped, so I stopped too. It turned around and it had a typical minecraft skin but with black eyes. Then it screamed. I had headphones on so it really hurt my ears. Minecraft started to glitched a lot and then Minecraft crashed. It showed the crash menu but it said something else. It said: NAMEDATA IS COMING TO YOUR HOUSE TO KILL YOU AT 3:00 AM. I shut down my computer and never played with JoeyXD,XxLollipupxX, or Xx_Hired4Life_xX ever again.

Written by: DarkDarkWither