-Creepypasta of Minecraft 

-Made for Minecraft Fans who are looking for something new 

  Naffordoniac is a weird entity in all Minecraft versions(Minecraft for PC, Minecraft Pocket 

Edition, Minecraft XBOX, Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4, Minecraft Nidendo Switch, Minecraft 

Wii Edition…) which can do a lot of damage in your minecraft accounts. First of all Naffordoniac was made in 28-05-2017 from an unknown Minecraft Player out there. Now, the reason he made that entity was because he had some problems with his Minecraft World and his Minecraft Servers. The world which he created was called “New Style”. When he created the world, he went to cut tree and suddenly someone hit him. Maybe it was BUG? Maybe it was a Hush? Who knows? But that happened. He ignored it. After some minutes later, someone hit him again.. Then he became on Creative Mode to found that “BUG”. He realised that the “BUG” was hitting him on Creative Mode. He died after twenty hits. When he spawned, he saw a big hole in front of him. The “BUG” hit him and he fell into the hole. He didn't take fall damage, but a message on his Skype was sent. The message was from an friend request…. The friend request was from “Naffordoniac”. The “friend request” message was (I build it, i found it, i gave him the chance and now…… i realised that became stronger….). Basically the player became king of minecraft. When he joined a server, he acted like he had hacks. The server couldn't ban him.. The owners of the server when they tried to ban him they saw a message from Minecraft Chat which said (Naffo…. Naffo…. Is Better Than You). The player became OP in the server and run the server by himself. The owners asked the server host to shut down the server, but they couldn't because the code was going crazy and it was writing 10101010100100011110101001010110101001010.. etc.. Anyway, that is somehow the story. 

Naffordoniac: A powerful entity which can give you OP on servers and make you undead! 

Is that really bad? Or good….? 

The true damage is when you got hacked. It happened again and the player got hacked by Naffordoniac!