Hello, i am going to write a creepypasta story, inspired by the 5 parts of a story wrote by ElectricAaronDYnamix, i did decide to write a (1-7) Part story aswell, he did inspire me. But i want to go to the next level! Making a (YouTube) Video! Of course i cant do this alone!

peeps who i need

  1. Story writer - Me
  2. Grammar Fixer I - ( Fleunt english needed) TheMysteriousHood
  3. Grammar Fixer II - (Fluent English needed) None
  4. Script writor - ElectricAaronDYnamix
  5. Actor of the creepypasta - None
  6. Actor of Donator - None
  7. Actor of YouTuber - None
  8. Actor of "Writer" of this creepypasta (This guy has to record also) - None
  9. Builders - None
  10. Build Lead - None
  11. Server Owner (We need a server to record on, please in a private world, your server IP will be writen on the pasta page) - None
  12. Video Editor - None
  13. Video editor - None
  14. crowd actor (Requires a skin we will give to you) - None

How Will it work

I will write the pasta, send it to the grammar fixer 1, he will fix my bad grammar, he sends it to Gramar Fixer 2, if he did change mistakes, he will approve it and send it to me, i will read it and send it to the script writor, he will write a script, he will send a copy to me and a copy to all the actors, after that, i will ask the server owner if we can come, amd give us the needed ranks (YT and donator), amd the perms, after that, the Actor lead will train with the actors, and the crowd actors my decide if they just run or stay at the same place (houses). If the actor crew amd the crowd actors think they are done, the actor who acts like the writor, will start record, the script is said with skype, so it sounds real. If it goes fault at the start (until 50%), we start over again, if not, we will ask the video editors to remove/change the mistake (It has to look like nothing did happen), if we are done, the actor who did record will give me the recorded files, i upload it to youtube (maybe), ane the actor recieves their credits, there will be multiple parts, so actors can stay actors multiple times. (Only more parts if its succesfull.), thats how it happens

wanma join? Comment which number you wanna be and if you want to be that number multiple times (all parts)!


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