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It was just a normal day of coding. The mod I code is called "Distortion World", because I always loved the creepiness of Pokemon D/P/Pl's Distortion World. Anyways, I found a strange new button on the MCreator Home screen labeled "Test with Advanced Code". I usually just recompile the mod and test it on Minecraft with Forge. With my usual instincts, I checked the time. It was 6:00 PM, and I was hungry so I ordered some pizza. After eating, I went back but accidentally made the mouse click "Test with Advanced Code". I didn't even recompile for god sake! Somehow, the mod managed to load anyways. What caught my eye the second before I clicked Singleplayer was that it said "Minecraft 6.6.6" at the bottom-left corner. When I went back, it went back to Minecraft 1.6.4. I created a world, made a portal to the Distortion World and tested if Giratina works properly. It did, so I went back to the overworld. I saw a sign that said "I'm watching you". There was no one else in the game, I didn't make Hamachi open the LAN server. I moved onto my server.

Plugin (cause i have low battery)

The next day, I went to get some plugins for my server. What I really needed was a plugin that loaded plugins while the server was on. I found one called PLPluginLoader. The author was PL36 and it had a good description. The only command was /load (pluginname). It seemed legit, so I downloaded it and added it to my server. I was testing a bukkit port of my plugin. When I loaded it, there was a flash message that said "PLPluginLoader - Have fun dying." I shrugged that off and logged on to the server. When I invited one of my fellow coders, he couldn't come on. Then my internet was cut off. Apparently, I hailstone knocked out my antenna, so I had to fix that. Even then, my internet wouldn't work. When I got back to Minecraft, the sky was red. The rain was 2 pixels of red. All blocks had a faint red glow. Basically, everything was a tad bit red. Slowly, I heard voices of children laughing. The Lavender Town music from Lavender Town Syndrome. Demonic laughs. The screen started flashing and there was a giant screeching noise. It was all so insane, I blacked out.

I wake up in my bedroom, with a giant ache in my head. I have no idea how I got there. I slowly went to the kitchen, and on the wall there was text.

"Still Watching."

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