Minecraft is a peaceful game and all, but there is Null, Herobrine, and Entity_303. Those are all Creepypastas. But this happened to my game, for real. This is the story of me, RainbowMineBear, seeing... No Player.

It was a normal day in Minecraft 1.10. It just came out yesterday, and it said,

"-Removed Herobrine"

but they forgot one thing,

"+Added someone NEW."

I loaded Minecraft up, and made a new world called, "1.10 swag." It was a survival world. But one thing was mixed up. I looked around my spawn point. I saw a sign in the distance. I walked up and looked at the sign.

"+Added someone NEW"

it said. I pressed tab.  No one else was on. I didn't put that sign there. I started to cut down a tree and I swear I saw a outline of a player. It was white, and there was only eyes and an outline. The eyes were red, and the outline was white. I shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing.

My iron armor made my Player noticeable. I'd seen the outline-and-eyes many more times since the first, and I was starting to get scared. My house had signs on it when I got back from my mining trip. One said, "Him is Here," and the next one said, "No," and the last one said, "Player."

Next thing I know my entire house is gone. Where it was is just a white outline, with all of the details being red. I see the outline-and-eyes, but this time he is WAY closer than the other times. A sign appeared in front of him.




the sign said, all caps. I look at the outline again and my game crashes. I'm on my desktop. For some reason my launcher did not open back up. I looked at my taskbar. Minecraft was not there. I searched my entire computer for Minecraft. I had a conclusion, when it did not come up.

NoPlayer deleted Minecraft from my computer.

I downloaded Minecraft again. When I opened up the worlds, there was already a world, "1.10 swag." It was my old world. I loaded it up. Signs covered my view.

"Don't bother

I'll always know

Don't try

I'm not a player."

The signs all read the same things. The signs cleared all of the sudden. NoPlayer stood there. I tried to swing at him, but he wouldn't take damage!

"I saw this coming, put on a sign."

NoPlayer said in the chat. It was backwards, so I translated it. Here's what it really said.

".ngis a no tup ,gnimoc siht was I"

Moments later NoPlayer had deleted Minecraft again! I was too scared to download it again.


Don't bother. This really happened.