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Hey there, I don't know where I should start, but it all happened very fast. I am so confused right now that I don't even have any idea what I am even saying. I am sorry if you don't understand me, but there are just so many thoughts spinning in my head, I want to just end it all. So I downloaded Mine-imator and made a animation. I made Notch vs Herobrine. It looked pretty cool on play mode, so I saved it. It was exporting. I waited some time and took a drink in that span of time. When I came back, it had finished exporting. I named it notch.avi, and opened it up. Everything seemed fine, Notch was fighting Herobrine, they did many cool tricks, and everything was like I wanted it to be. So I decided to share it with others the next morning. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning. I turned on my PC, but when my system was booted up, the first thing that came up instead of all the expired program notifications and other junk, was my video. The Notch vs Herobrine. I thought I left it open or I didn't shut down the computer correctly. But something was different with it. It was gray, like an old TV, making strange sounds: bbbrbb bBBBZBBbrbbrr.. bzbbrbrr.. and so on! I could still see the Herobrine and Notch in it. It just got a pixel effect, like from a TV. I memorized the fact that I didn't add that effect in, so I reopened it through the folder where it was. It was there. I was a bit mad, but in same time I thought: Cool effect! So I decided to publish it! I rechecked again, it was all right, but this time there was only Notch. He was fighting like with a invisible Herobrine. Everything was the same, but Herobrine disappeared. So I reopened it again and this time all the buildings were gone. The swords and weapons from Notch were gone too! I reopened it again, however, I didn't know why I did it. This time notch was only doing the animations and he did not have any sword or anything. Being stupid, I reopened it again, and this time he just went to front, swung his arm to the left side, and then the video stopped. It cut by itself into 2 seconds or 3. And all the weapons, Herobrine, buildings, trees, disappeared! It was only Notch by himself, doing a short animation and then the video stopped! So I left that video, and the next day I came home from work and I opened up that video yet again, I thought maybe it was just a rendering glitch. But this time I saw something gross. There were 4 sheep and Notch stabbed them all with a diamond sword. However, it wasn't just a normal animated sword going through the sheep's body. It was realistic death and bleeding animation. Then the Notch moved his head exactly to my eye side, and it felt like he watched into my eyes. Then, his face jumpscared me and covered the whole page. I then heard a Joker-like laugh. I sent that file to my friends, but they said that it was just the 2 second format where notch does that short animation without any buildings or anything. But I swear! On my computer, every single time I reopen that file, Notch does something different! If he is doing the same for you, maybe he is just waiting? Maybe he is just waiting while you are gonna stop believing in him? Maybe he wants to make you same person like me? A guy that nobody believes. Next time, when you don't believe someone or something, Just remember... just remember.... just... rem... em... be.r.. rr......