It seemed forever since I... became Null. I really don't like to talk about it. I lost everything that day. Because I never took the serious people serious. I didn't want to make that mistake again. I was sitting in the fog of someone with a low render distance, waiting to be seen. I needed no hints to tell me when he saw me. He ran off into the distance. I stayed still, as I was as scared as he was. When night fell, I searched for his house. I did not want to be Null anymore. I wanted to be myself, with my friends, with my life. And that's what I needed.

I left a sign next to him. "Help me" it said. But with dread, I realized all the other lines said "null". Wow. I thought. Way to scare him off. I remembered the trick Null did to me before. I made it day outside so he would wake up and read the sign. He immediately crashed after, and I waited. He stood staring, and I realized there was nothing he could do. He was frozen. He became me, and I went back to my normal life. It was over.

By the Black Cat, aka flowergirl4155

No editing

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