I was sick on that day.

I wanted to look "cool" in front of my friends, and so I decided to wear a short sleeved t-shirt in the middle of winter. And so, I got cold.

Obviously, I stayed home from school on that day. As per usual, my parents went to work, and so I was home alone all day. That made me realize that I had the opportunity to explore our house all day. And that sounded way too fun for me to resist.

I first decided to explore the kitchen to see if something hidden was there. I checked all the cupboards, looked around all shelves there, but I found nothing but dusty containers filled with food that looked like it was left there for a good few years. Nothing too interesting for me, I had no interest in moldy food.

Next I decided to check out the living room. And this is where things got interesting.

I looked into one of the many cupboards there, and saw a large plastic container filled with electronical things. Old phones, walkmans, jumbled cables, stuff like that. I believe I also saw a flashlight or something in there. This seemed interesting, and I decided to dig in there deeper, and found my old camera, a computer mouse, some batteries and an ancient brick phone. And on the bottom of this all, was my old laptop.

I haven't seen this laptop in years. I stopped using it around 3 years ago, when I got a new, more modern one for my fourteenth birthday. It used to be my dad's laptop, but he gave it to me for my tenth birthday. In the four years that I used it, I managed to fill up the harddrive almost entirely. The entire 1 TB of it. Pretty impressive, I know.

I picked the laptop up. It was a very old laptop, covered in dust and slightly scratched on the back. The machine was very thick and heavy, and was a dull black color. I carried the thing up into my room, and before opening it I realized I had to power it, since it was not used for over 3 years. And so, I spent the next 30 minutes looking for the cord. 

After locating the cord, I plugged the laptop in and let it charge for a while. Afterwards, I opened the laptop and turned it on, and the familiar Windows XP jingle played. I was filled with nostalgia.

After logging on, I observed the desktop. There were many of my old apps and files scattered around, on my pure black background. Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, PDF readers and more weird things. along with those, there were a few folders there. Three were named "random stuff [number]", one was titled "Videos", another one was named "PICS" and the last ten ones were just random things like "-dddda", "eggplantSTUFF", "annoying stuff" and such.

And that was the beginning of my adventure.

I first went for the "random stuff 1" folder. I was greeted by a huge amount of random files. Text documents containing just mashed letter and random bolds and italics, probably me experimenting with the software back then. My cringeworthy early attemps at writing stories. Random internet pictures I downloaded ages ago. Weird YouTube videos I downloaded to preserve them. Multiple .bat files, probably me testing somethings. Empty folders. Folders filled to the brim with utter junk. And a plethora of other odd things from over four years ago. This repeated for all three "random stuff" folders.







School concert rec100:26

School concert rec1.mp4

Next up was the "Videos" folder. Oh, how happy I was that I found this old laptop. So many long lost gems of my childhood that I created ages ago. A folder entirely filled with one-two second "Fail videos". Basically videos created by accidentally pressing the record button. Ancient videos from my old school, recorded before we moved to a new town. Things like funny trip recordings, talking with my old friends. Even Tyler was there...

Tyler used to be my old friends back then. We were like the sun and moon, so different yet so similar. We hung out almost every day of the week, just having a good time.

But then Tyler disappeared.

One day roughly a year ago, he did not appear in school. The next day too. This repeated for a few weeks and we all got worried. Tyler's parents asked the school, filed a missing person report, everything. Yet they did not find Tyler. We never saw him again.

To this day I do not like thinking about what happened to him, where did he disappear.

I decided to move on to a different folder.

Next folder was the "PICS" folder. Again, hundreds of school pictures. Memorable moments with friends. Back when one of my classmates got pushed into a muddy swamp from a sidewalk by my ex-friend a few years back. Pics with friends. Shots of funny billboards. Random fail images that were not meant to be taken. A series on images when I found a frozen pigeon in front of my old school. My classmates making funny faces, along with me. Just memories stacked on memories.

I did not even realize that three hours passed since I started exploring my old laptop. And for the whole three hours, I was on a huge nostalgia trip.

However my journey still was not over.

I still had the random folders in front of me.

I first went for the "annoying stuff" folder. What I found were some edited and old Minecraft mods. Back then I used to enjoy trying to edit Minecraft mods to change them up into something I wanted. My attempts always ended up as failures, and I used to place these failed mods into this folder. Nothing more interesting appeared in that folder.

Next, I moved on to the "eggplantSTUFF" folder. Around two hundred pictures of eggplants. For some reason, I had an entire collection of images of the purple vegetable. Images from all angles, sides, eggplants in different positions, in different places, just general eggplants. There was even one image of an eggplant in front of the Statue of Liberty! Apparently I had some kind of a weird liking for eggplants in the past, based on this folder. I just decided to quickly leave it, as it was getting a little bit too weird for me.

Coming soon...

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