One Word Stories 1.0 (November 2016-January 2017)

In DoTa's secret lair Jeffery was retarded and fat so he shot Jason the retard using plums made of poisonous poop but plums are delicious Amen. Jeffery Wright kidnaps chickens that kill hippos and turtles while fapping and stabbing dolls from dabbing houses in rio but kellen died in bathroom yesterday. When moon nuts blew up parliament so TrollMan420 danced and pissed on Trump kissing Chicken riding on a church in the Alimo at the Alimo Church. Nk-the-epic retard butthurt but then Jesus fapped into my toaster but it ran into John Cena shopping underwear from Dwayne Johnson and H&M. My cock sucked cocks because Trump built hamburgers made of marmite cheese that exploded like nuclear weapons snorting mercury in detroit so Andy Black died because Jason killed Bobbi by poison farts summoning idiots from georgecity where memes poop and fap while building houses in Oklahoma while relaxing on statues of Trump and Narnia wardrobes which rapes walls and Harambe danced in Narnia then Natalia died and raped lesbians in Narnia but Raphael licked popsicles from The Titanic so Tito-#### died after spontaneously combusting into a Narnia when explosions killed Mariah Carey when zombies raided LA because they raped Hillary while Harambe fubbernucked Kim-JongUn the idiot chocolate cookie died in China. Trump jokes got unfunnier and then Yoshfico123 got candy sick this chair is stiff but soft what the #### did that is bad why I am some beans that poo? Rainbows are colorful but cookies were worthless as virus preventers so I died in hole that is red oh crimson.

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