hi guys i just wanted to say this before you read this story

this story happened to me before 1 month ago

i was playing minecraft pe on a server called SBcraft

it was a nice simple server I was at the server mine I was mining some iron

and then i started mining some snow blocks

but there was a really weird thing

snowballs could teleport you to places just like the ender eye

that was weird but funny I started teleporting from place to place to prank players and then there was an island in the server that no one can reach it so I decided to teleport to it

when I did that I saw a large weird pyramid that is full of chests and enchanting tables I told everyone on the server and then one of the owners said come back before orca noob joins the server

his real name wasn't orcanoob he was orcaplayer or orca destroyer or orcakiller or something else...

I ingored and started exploring the island till I found some sort of large chocolate shaped blocks I Ingored them and kept searching but after 5 mins one of the owners teleported me to him and said stop before orcanoob joins the server and then I said who is that guy?and then the owner said ok I'll tell you:

orcanoob is the main owner of the server and If he saw you in his unfinished island he will ban you from the server forever! and then I said pff XD I'm not scared from a 5 year old orcanoob and then one of the owner said he is not a 5 yrs old he is a 20 yrs old player and then I said I don't care about him but after I said that I got banned from the server and the reason was "dont say that I didnt warned you"

i tried to join the server a lot of times and I cant even with differnet usernames and ip's and devices


note:you can join this server if you want to just type SBcraft server on google and when you join it tell them to unban me