Authors Note:

Hey guys!!! This is Willzombie and another creepy MInecraft game I had. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1 - The Weird Storm

I came out of the Nether to find a Crazy Storm.

I had left the Nether rich with gold.

There was:

  • Gold Boots
  • Gold Helmets
  • Gold Chestplates
  • Gold Leggins
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Gold Ingots
  • Gold Blocks (Crafted by Gold Ingots)
  • Gold Swords

Now, you're probably wondering how I got all that gold.

Well, there was hundreds and hundreds of Zombie Pigmen!

But the Overworld wasn't normal. There were Pigs everywhere! Lightning kept on hitting them. One after the other.

I spotted a group of three and since a had a flaming sword and I was lacking food, I went over to them. But what I expected happened. Lightning hit all three of them.

But two of them turned into Zombie Pigmen but one didn't spawn. I stood there confused.

<Pigman> Well, I see your getting confused, I will end it


I turned around to find a Humanoid Pig staring at me.

<WillZombie> What r u?

<Pigman> I'm Pigman. I need to talk to you.

I drew out my Diamond Sword.

He drew out a Diamond Sword.

He only had a Diamond Sword.

I was rich with Armor and weapons.

This is going to be a piece of cake, I thought.

Chapter 2 - The fight

Looks like a noob to me, I thought, what he wants to tell me is probably nothing important.

I charged towards him, ready to crush him.

He threw an Ender Pearl right behind me and hit me. His Knockback Enchantment was extremely powerful. I crashed into a large mountain and fell all the way down. I survived, but really damaged my armor.

Not a good start! I thought

I ran towards him and then threw an Ender Pearl. Bad idea.

Just before it landed he dug a hole and put Obsidian there. I was suffocating very quickly.

I eventually died.

I need to find a strategy I thought.

== Chapter 3 - The Takedown


I started to spawn lots of Wolves and tamed them into dogs. Funny thing was he just watched me as I did it.

I shot ten arrows at him.

He used wood to block them except one which hit him.

All the Dogs charged at him.

<Pigman> Funny, this stuff doesn't work on me, look, I need to talk to you.

I snuck behind Pigman, put down a load of TNT and set it alight.

==== KABOOM!!! ==== Pigman was tossed right into the air.

<Pigman> NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

He died and left the game. I smiled to myself.