Player65 Takes The Appearance Of A Ghost Kid. Crying Red Tears. It Is Usually Seen In the Middle of a circle Of Rose Bushes Holding A flower as If The Player Is Mourning something.


Player65 Was Originally Going to be called Player17 But Someone Has That username.


The Player is Usually in the middle of a Circle of Rose Bushes (See Appearance). Using this You Can Spawn him. This Method does not Always Work But if he is near where the spawner is built He will Most Likely Come To it. All you need to do Is Make a Circle of RoseBushes (Does not have to be perfect. You Could Even make a square Of Rose Bushes!) With a Wood block in the Middle.


There Has Only Been One Sighting But There is No Pictures or Videos. Sadly I was Not able To Snap A Screenshot or Video. If I ever Encounter Him While Recording I will Put it up Here.

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