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So, one time, I was just playing Minecraft. I had subtitles because I had my sound turned down and my headphones were broken at the time. I saw something.... questionable.

The subtitles read:

<Footsteps> [normal]

<Block breaking> [my friend was in the game as well]

<Hello there> [the main thing]

I told my friend, he said there was nothing there. I checked the players, I saw someone with the name "Player not found". I was on there for several hours before "it" appeared. Shortly after, the game crashed, with the error message, "You are an interesting player." The server was a realm with only my friend invited.

I turned off my computer and tried to go to sleep.


I went on Minecraft to venomPVP. Nobody was on. I was in the nether, nothing was in the nether, and I checked the chat. I saw this.

[User] Dogranger45: What the hell? what happened here?

[Not found] Player Not Found: You are interesting. Your reaction to this is to be seen.

My game's graphics were all black except for certain paths. I followed them and saw a red sign with no detail.

The chat updated - "it" was talking to me.

[Not found] Player not found: Click the sign.

I don't know why, but I trusted him anyway. I clicked the sign. My game crashed. I turned off my computer. By the way, I was playing on 1.10, so I'm never playing old versions again. This never happened to me again. I learned how to summon "Player not found", by messing with random items. Hope you thought this was cool.

This was my first creepypasta, so I would expect it be bad. It may not be for some people, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. By the way, Please don't annoy me if my name is bad. Also, Venompvp is a real server, but It's better than you'd think.

Also, I don't want people to use player not found, as I thought of it myself. You can use a similar idea, but not completely copying it.

Expect a sequel, it will be called "Entity not found".