Hey!!! This is Willzombie and this is quite a strange Mincraft Experience. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Chapter 1 - The weird Ocean Monument

Let me tell you something. I love exploring, but after this experience, I not a big fan of doing it now.

It was when I entered a Ocean Monument and Found the Gold room. But I also noticed that the Elder Guardians hadn't put the curse on me.

I swam up to the top of the Monument and found the Elder Guardian sitting there, but he didn't attack me. I attacked it.

Suddenly, it disappeared.

I was shocked, and started to hit the air t see if it had just turned invisible but it hadn't. I decided to leave.

Chapter 2 - Purple Alex's Attack

The next day I had a party with my best friends: ThunderBreaking (Mike) and Simply the Best (Peter).

I was waiting for Peter to prank him. I was using the 'Long Drop Trap'. He would open the chest and the floor would collapse, leading to his doom! (Really good trap, I recommend it.)

He went up to the chest and...

...THE TRAP DIDN'T WORK!!! I was furious. Peter ran away with all my treasure! I couldn't believe it! I decided to go in a cave and craft a sword to get him. I found my underground lair and took my other half of my treasure to get him with. I turned around.

There was an Alex there, except she was all purple.

I stared at her for a bit. She stared at me.

Then, she ran up to me and punched me. I died. So I pressed respawn. I was back on the exact same spot and she killed me again. I respawned again and she killed me again!

I realized that I was stuck in a loop. I needed help.

Chapter 3 - The Rescue

I connected to Mike's chat.

"Dude, why do you keep dying?"

"Mike, I need help, there's this Purple Girl Player and she's just keeps killing me! I can't get away!

"A Purple Girl, WOW!!! We must capture her and film her."

"Good idea but for now, you need to help me."


"When I die, I need you to distract Purple Alex so I can get away.

"I thought you said that she was called 'Purple Girl'

"That dosen't matter, I need your help."

After the Thirtieth time I died, Mike went up to her and she chased him. Then I respawned.

After that we built a bedrock prism around her so she couldn't get away.

We were going to film her the next day. However, when Mike got there, she was gone.

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