hello there

i am maker of creepypasta shadow of unknown

you can call me quakeman 524

today i compare quake 1 and fnaf series both are horror games

lets see

quake 1: a first person shooter made in 1996

story:you are ranger and you and your teammates were sent to defeat enemy codenamed quake.but only you have survived the attack.all your allies are now go into 4 dimensions each getting more hellish than last one. you got different weapons:axe,shotgun,double barreled shotgun,nailgun,super nailgun,grenade launcher,rocket launcher and thunderbolt. while at four dimensions you collect 4 runes and battle various monsters sent by enemy quake.after getting 4 runes you go face the enemy codenamed quake which is the old one.killing it wins the game

depth:very deep game. has secrets and one easter egg.

fanbase:possible everybody are persons who are respectful and mature(someone as me),lot of speedrunners.P.S : mlg wannabes are practically nonexsistant

mods.this game has a lot of mods and level packs

difficulty:you can choose easy,medium,hard and secret nightmare skill can be easy or furstrating and confusing depending who plays it

map design:most are mediveal and runic with a few modern looks(only first level of each episode is modern looking)

based of:fps game doom 1/doom 2,H.P lovecraft.fantasy realms

that is it for what i seem to know


story:you are security guard who works at pizzeria and hopes the animatronics dont jumpscare him(super cliche)

depth:besides theories most are mixed

fanbase:mlg mic squeakers,10 year old who roleplay,bronies,furfags, almost nobody is normal


difficulty:only custom night is skill level is so easy

design:fnaf 1 and 2:typical 80 s family pizzeria that looks like chuck e cheese,fnaf 3:eerie green colored place

based of:chuck e cheese,mcdonalds,indie horror games of today

this is all what i know


P.S: this is irrelevant obiviouly