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Now we all know that rumors of 303 and Herobrine are spreading, but according to the creators of them, they are fake.

Everyone heard of...The Thunder God? Zeus? Not him...

The First Sighting (December 47 2013)

Hey, it's Aaron and I'm just hanging out with my friends, Andrew, Greg, and Bruce on Minecraft.

So we were just raiding some villages, and we got lots of goodies.

<Aaron>Ok Guys we got some food and some iron and obsidian. Also seeds. 
<Greg>Wat shall we do with the seeds?                                     
<Andrew>Idk, wash it down?    
<Aaron>I'll go wash them down. There's a nearby river.

And so I grabbed the seeds and ran straight for the river.

I began dropping the seeds when suddenly a lightning bolt struck me out of no where, losing 4 hearts and was on fire. I ran to the river and I was cooled off.

<Aaron>WHAT THE                                                            
<Aaron>A freakin lightningbolt

I was cut off by something that made us shiver...

<Entity>I HAVE YOU.                                                         
<Bruce>WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU?!?                                           
<Entity>K1ll Y@U                                                               
<Aaron>Curse you, freak!                             

The mysterious entity left after that. We weren't sure who was that, but surely it must be a troll.