This story began on the 28th of November, 2016, I heard many things about Herobrine / Entity 303, I was browsing some stuff about the legend, and after researching, I found out Entity 303 could possibly be a group of hackers hired by an ex-Mojang employee. At this point, nothing wasn't too bad, everything's normal. I wanted to go further. I saw this new Herobrine was more like a griefer, someone who wanted to make people quit Minecraft. I sent a message to Mojang asking about it, the answer was:

(translated to English) "Nothing lasts forever, sometimes people don't accept it and sometimes it is replaced by community"

After a while, watching videos of Entity 303 and Herobrine, I found out that Herobrine was just watching people, like if he was guarding them. But was misunderstood and not taken seriously. Entity, on the other hand, wanted destruction. I made a thread talking about Entity 303, Not long after, a guy with name "824726463" deleted the post with the motive; Shush.

I found out that the username was actually an IP, I tried to get on a MC server with the same IP, but it didn't exist. I found out it was a Skype account. I told the guy to show up at a small server my friend had started. 

After some time, this appeared on chat: @#@% joined the game. The server crashed every time we tried to join after that, I so did the /banip command on the fool, and denounced it. The guy never came back there (Although, people kept talking about it, And it wasn't a small amount.)

Later that night; Herobrine joined the game.

It was a premium server, so it couldn't be fake, it just teleported to me, gave me a empty book signed by him and left. I really don't know what happened. 

The other day Mojang send me an email saying:

"You saw nothing but everything."