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This scary event happened right around the time the 1.8 update was released. I really wanted to find an ocean monument in survival. I looked through one of my favorite seed pages, and found, under the tag "monument", was a seed named "RedFog". There was no description or author, only a couple of screenshots that showed a cave filled with resources, a village with a stronghold, and an ocean monument. The ratings were high, so I clicked the download link. The site took me to a page that said the author was taking me to his own link to download. I clicked OK. I was taken to a shady-looking website. You know, one of the ones filled with pop-ups and Google ads. I clicked download. I installed the file in my saves folder and launched Minecraft

The World Begins

I spawned in a plains biome. Looking around, I saw a couple trees and reduced them to 40 wood planks. I then turned and saw a village far off. There was a stronghold with an iron pickaxe. I then began exploring a cave nearby. Deep down, I saw a vein of redstone ore. When I mined it, instead of the regular red stuff that came off, a red chat message popped up.


Whenever I mined redstone dust in any world from then on, I received the message. It creeped me out. I even uninstalled Minecraft and reinstalled it. It didn't help.

This is just a story, based off a redstone particle glitch I encountered once.