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This is fake, not take it to sirieusly, thanks!

Why this story

I made this story because my IGN is DevilHacker, and it sounds as a good creeppasta name!


No rl information is used!


On a day, my school ended and i cycled home very fast, when i was home i opened MC because my server existed 1 year, and reached a record of 50 people being online the same time.When I started minecraft and stuff, I saw 20 people where online, so i joined, My IGN is GreekEmperor, so I heard Welcome Back Greekemperor, or Welcome Back Owner!, i told them, Today, we exist 1 year, and we reached 50 players in this year online at the same time! Lets party!

Right away someone named DevilHacker joined, I said, welcome Devilhacker, and explained him what happening, he said, ok... I said to everyone, Now we start! Right after, a message in chat popped up:

[DevilHacker deopped GreekEmperor...]

I got deopped, after that, he locked the chat (Only OP+) can talk then.

There was a admin on, my friend Jarvis1000

Ill show you how the chat between jarvis1000 and devilhacker did go:

[Admin] Jarvis1000: Guy we do not like hacking, please deop yourself and op GreekEmperor!

DevilHacker: This is just the begin...

[Admin] Jarvis1000: I have to deop/ban you if you dont stop!

DevilHacker: Try...

So, i skyped Jarvis1000 and said, I go to control panel!

I got to control panel and typed my password and stuff

It said Acces Denied


I said Jarvis1000, it says Access Denied?

Jarvis tried to (He had pass and stuff to)

It says the same for me

But then...

It said swedennotah joined the game

[thegreatxbarkianleader] swedennotah: remember me devilhacker


devilhacker left the game

[thegreatxbarkianleader] swedennotah: your welcome i saved your server

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