Hi there. My name is Revaeropium.

However, you may know me as Grifter.

Now I don't expect you to forgive me (especially Chicken) and I don't care if you block me, I'm just coming back into the light after a year or so in hibernation.

So anyways, I did create The Protocols and Conspiracy of the Chicken. I'd been stalking this wiki from about the Green Steve war. I supported Deadlock all the way and I didn't like Chicken. Altough the war finished, 123hillbilly the vandal was blocked and everyone welcomed Chicken, I didn't. When Deadlock became admin, one of the people he first made admin was Chicken. My hate for Chicken was further induced by his constant spree of blocks. I thought that he might've been getting a tad too aggressive

The Protocols and Conspiracy of the Chicken was not a real document. The spy wasn't real either. This page was some sort of experiment and a joke at the same time. I wanted to see how the wiki reacted if i made a fake page, revealing false info about an admin I hated. I expected to be blocked of course. The joke part was because I had been drinking too much coke and I was way too overexcited. Thats when I thought up of this.

The results weren't that fascinating. I expected this kind of response. I was blocked of course, then bombarded with insults. My favorite was the one Yoshfico123 threw: Fuck you, Grifter, you are an enemy to this wiki. It's kind of ironic because I don't hate this wiki. I respect it a lot, especially SCP-Deadlock and TheMysteriousHood, my two favorite admins.

Also, that message on chicken's wall was actually caused by one of my friends (who knows about my involvement on this wiki) who was at my house. He dared me to either post a message on chickens wall full of insults or post my nudes online. Of course, I went for the safer option.

Anyway, I don't expect (God, I use that word a lot) anyone to forgive me. In fact, I expect you to just ban me and delete this page. Even if you block me, you never heard of this website?

Thanks for reading this whole shitty thing which I'm 99% sure is going to be deleted.

-Reva / Grifter

Written by Revaeropium.