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I am a former worker at Mojang and it's time that I reveal something that happened to me the last week. I was organizing the data files for Minecraft since that's what I do at Mojang, and I found something peculiar... It was a data file named "SLEEPWELL". I decided to tell Notch about it but he just said to ignore it, so I went back to my computer, where I just organized the data files, which was a really boring job. But, after I was done, I got to test the new version of Minecraft. Everything was running perfectly until I came across something that made my heart sink... There was another player, who I tried to talk to. I said "Hello?" and the player turned around. It was Steve, but it had black eyes. Black, soulless eyes. It replied with "Hello Mike, how are you doing? I hope you Sleep Well Tonight... =)" My game then glitched out and crashed. I told Notch at the end of the work day and he shrugged it off as a lie, he told me to go home and get some rest. That night I couldn't sleep at all, because I started hearing whispers saying "SLEEP WELL" over and over. I didn't sleep for the whole night. The next day I made myself some coffee and drove off to work. When I got to work, I decided to launch the same version again. I joined the world I made, and the black eyed Steve was still there. Then, in chat, these words were spoken, "MICHEAL, WHY DIDN'T YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT?" "MICHEAL, I WANTED TO PLAY A GAME WITH YOU =)" I replied quickly with "What? What kind of game?" and one second after I said that, Minecraft crashed and Mojang's office lights went out. I panicked and Notch got everybody outside as quick as possible, but I didn't follow, since I wanted to know what happened. Suddenly, my computer launched by itself, and the screen was red. I screamed and tried opening the front doors to the office, which were locked. That was the only way out. I was trapped. I sat back down, and the last thing I saw on the screen, was the black eyed Steve's face, along with hexadecimal code: "534c4545502057454c4c204d49434845414c203d29". I translated it back at home and came up with the words "SLEEP WELL MICHEAL =)". To this day, I still panic when I think about it, yet nothing has happened to me since...