It's funny.

Everything is funny.

Because it's dead.


The night was dark. Everything was still. Nothing was to be seen.

The rocks were cold. Everything was rough. Nothing was to be heard.

I was in another cave, in another storm. Just like last year. Last year, something came out of the rocks. I called it 'Enirboreh'. It was like Herobrine, but it was with the Alex skin. It's eyes were beautiful. So white. So pretty. But I have never seen it again.

Whilst I was thinking about the experience, something emerged from behind the rocks.

It was Herobrine, a creature I only thought lived in legends before my encounter last year. I still highly doubted his existence however, but now he was here.

His eyes were as white as Enirboreh's, if not brighter. They shined in the blackness of the night. It was beautiful. Again, our eyes were locked. We stared at each other for a long time.

Until his eyes went red.

I tried to glance away, but it was too late. "You trusted her. You trusted the white. You failed." Herobrine said, followed by some muttering.

"B-b-but it w-was b-b-b-beautiful..." I stammered nervously. at my computer screen.

"No." I heard reply.

Suddenly, I was jerked out of my seat and flung into a wall. I was chocked and held up against this wall. I couldn't breathe. I was going to die.

"You failed." Herobrine repeated. He began laughing as I tried to scream. There was a mirror in front of me. I tried not to watch my suffering but I couldn't close my eyes. They were forced open.

"If you like them so much, why don't you be one?" Herobrine taunted. I watched in horror through the mirror as my eyes began to roll back into my head. The lights in my room began to flicker. Everything was shaking. My eyes were rolling back even further.

Eventually I became blind. I couldn't see a thing. My eyes were rolled back completely.

"You should've never trusted her." Herobrine yelled. I fell to the floor.

Then I blacked out.


I told you not to trust the white.

You should've followed the red eyes.

But did you listen?

You failed.


I hope you enjoyed the sequel to ENIRBOREH! If you want more, let me know in the comments. Feedback is appreciated!

I love ya all!

~ Itty