This is fake.

This is the CREEPIEST story of my MC life, and im still traumatized. o_O And it happened 3 weeks ago.

So 3 weeks ago I opened my server with 2 other friends, SzymonGaming and tud06. I am Cesus5 in MC.

So we started a survival, like normal. Cutting trees, crafting workbenches and etc.

After 17 mins I went in a cave. The cave had Iron and Coal, but the weird part is that I found 8 Deadbushes placed. This is scary already, cause Deadbushes only spawn on Sand. Later I explored the cave more, and I found Redstone Ore. I mined it, but it kept respawning. I was freaked out. I left the cave after. Later we went to sleep in out Beds. Day came. I told them about the weird stuff. They did belive me and they freaked out too. At this point we left the server. 3 Hours later we went again on the server. This time our house was gone. We were creeped out already. And there were no trees, no mobs and monsters. Just plain grass. We didn't understand what was going on.  We pressed all TAB and we found a stranger. The player was called "Sasha". I asked in chat how she got here. She replied "IM NOT A PLAYER" and then she kicked us all, which said "YOU ARE FUCKED". We couldn't understand anything by now. Also, THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO US BEFORE. We joined again and she was gone. We all calmed a little but still scared. This experience still went on. 38 Minutes later tud06 saw flying trees. She called us and the trees were there, but the dissapeared  6 Seconds later. We were traumatized by this point. We left the server again. 4 Hours later we went back on the server. Everything was normal, until SzymonGaming noticed flying ANIMALS. There were Sheep, Cows and Pigs. Then all the floating animals died at said that they took 911 dmg. We all laughed a little, since 911 means the 9/11 attacks. Then Sasha appeared again. I asked her "What do you want?", and then she replied: "LEAVE, OR I WILL KILL THE SERVER.". We didn't listen to her. She said "YOU ARE BRAVE". Then she left. We never saw her. She joined 7 Minutes later, and she teleported all of us to a random location. WE SAW HER!!! She was a pale girl, with Magenta clothes and Lilac Hair. She has bloody eyes too. We were all scared. I said in chat "Why are you doing this?" she kicked us all, and said: "I AM A CREEPYPASTA WHICH SCARES PLAYERS WITH MY SKIN, AND YOU GOT SCARED. YOU ARE A LITTLE KID. YOU ARE SCARED OF EVERYTHING". That wasn't true though. 2 Hours later, it was 10:29 PM. It was nighttime irl. And we joined back the server. Everything was the same like before, nothing strange, until we turned around. We saw a Penis statue. I grew an obsidian Penis, SzymonGaming spazzed out on the carpet in his house, and tud06 was twerking 5 times a second. 20 Seconds later everything stopped. We explored the Penis and we found Sasha there. She killed us all. Then she left. WE, WERE, TRAUMATIZED FOREVER. Then we never played Minecraft again. tud06 played MC 2 days ago, but Sasha got on her survival world, and she duplicated 15 times a second. Then her computer froze. She got a BSOD too. Then she restarted her PC. But her computed died...

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