Note:The original creator of the shadow of unknown is Hazardguy43. He's very cool and a good friend. The same with Deadlock, who helped me get a profile pic, and the other admins(haven't met skeleton yet 😊). This is just a spin off of the original series.

It's been years after shadow of unknown became so popular. People were getting scared. The shadow of unknown still wants to take over minecraft. He killed admins, and so other players who tried to kill him. Some people who've made contact with the shadow of unknown are isolated from the people. Entity 303's fans had came down. Server creators had been missing.

Arnold, a boy who hunts shadow of unknown, is still active. His team was "The Light". The light is a virus that feeds on dark things, like black, dark brown, dark red etc. Arnold was safe, until NOW....

Arnold:Activate The light!

Ben(Team admin):Okay!

Arnold:It isn't working!

???:Of course, it wouldn't, because I'm undead.

Arnold:I know it's you.

???:I'll kill you for hunting me!

Arnold, a poor soul, got killed in the scene.

The light wasn't working on the shadow of unknown.

Ben:Ahhh! I've had enough!

He ran from his house, and found a group of guys hanging around in the woods.

Ben:Hey, who are you guys?

The group:We are the shadow killers.

Ben:Great! You can help me fight the shadow of unknown!

The group leader:We can't. It's a phantom. We can't bust phantoms.

Ben was sad, and walked away slowly.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared infront of him. Ben screamed, and teleported back to his room, strangely.

???:Play, or I'll have your spinal cord.

Ben clicked play and logged into lucky games server. The shadowy phantom commanded to kill a person in minecraft. Ben thought it was a bad idea, but when the shadow pointed at him with a dagger, he killed a player in the server. He was happy about it, until the shadow of unknown commanded to him one last thing:Go to the nether.

Ben didn't have a portal, so he just said that he didn't have obsidian and flint and steel, and that quote, was a suicide.

The last things in his room was his body, with his head chopped off.

Now, even the police got surprised. They started isolating people who made contact with the shadow and locked them in a special jail that the shadow can't enter. But still, the shadow of unknown succesfully killed and took their spinal cord. That is why, the title of this spin off is named:ISOLATION.

Minecraft files were filled with "ILLKILLYOU" files 2 months later. If you open it, your head will be chopped off. One guy send a robot to open it, and it was successful. The file showed of a shadow about to head-chop a child, and with bloodshot red writing:GOD WILL NEVER SAVE YOU FROM ME.