The fifth installment of Shadow of Unknown series. It isn't completed yet.


This story is not real.

Enjoy !

Prologue (The Hope and the Storms)

Few months after the fourth story had passed.

Minecraft is returning back to normal. The dangerous Shadow of Unknown virus is highly weakened, the hope in the world is returning back. The Shadow of unknown virus is very crippled.

But nobody knows what the next day brings.

Part 1 (The Black Rose)

Several years since Shadow of Unknown: After Minecraft events. The world is stable. For now.


A group of hackers all over from the world came to the old house to make an idea about the hacktivist group called The Black Rose. All of these hackers had a floppy disk containing the Shadow of Unknown virus.

After some time this group was divided into continental sub-groups.Despite unanswered why was this done,this group was becoming a global threat.

Part 2 (The Dark Day)


The Black Rose began it's first internet activity after a few group members from South America uploaded a site on a random Minecraft forum.It was called: .The users were puzzled why did the site have two domains (.ccoomm and .br).

This site would lead to a 3 minute video.

The first 20 seconds of the video show a man in a gas mask speaking gibberish.After that more gas masked people came with a bouquet of roses,the roses were then thrown into a black paint.

After 2 minutes the entire place was being poured in gasoline and burned until nothing remained.

In the end gunshots can be heard.


It was discovered that the group has actually killed a few civilians after their location was found in Northern Brazil.All but one of them were arrested for murder.It was reported that the victims were missing heads,and they had an weird carving on their chest.

The only one who escaped was never found after the video.

Part 3 (The Scorpions)

After the first Black Rose activity.More interested hackers were joining them.

Shortly after the first events,more activities were reported.The black rose was steadily increasing danger to the world.


A few Minecraft players have reported an strange user in their MInecraft servers.This user would spam IP Adress,all of which would lead somewhere near Senegal.

More coming soon.

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