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It was a day like any other. I clattered into my apartment and switched on my newly bought Alienware 18 gaming laptop. I streamed a bit of Geometry Dash and then I was bored. Since I was bored, I logged into my Minecraft which I hadn’t done in a while. I could have played other games, but I chose Minecraft. I still don’t know why I decided to play it. Maybe out of pure nostalgia or something. I created a survival world with the seed quack and I did the steps any ordinary Minecrafter would do (collecting wood, crafting tools, building a shelter etc.). However, on the seventh night, Minecraft was on its way to breaking the fourth wall.

I was pretty OP by then. A year of no Minecraft didn’t mean I forgot everything. I was equipped with diamond and iron tools and full iron armour. After a round of diamond mining, I came back to my house, only to find it set on fire. I put out the fire as fast as I could but some blocks were misisng due to the fact they were flammable. I started to expand my house, replacing all the wood with stone. However, I ran out of stone, so I went down my mine to acquire some. When I was about 30 blocks below the surface, I encountered a wall of End Stone. “That’s bizarre, End Stone doesn’t automatically spawn in the Overworld,” I thought to myself. I was certain I’d never put it there, as cheats were off and I had never been to the End in this world. I didn’t notice that I hadn’t selected my pickaxe and I hit the wall. To my surprise, it broke in one hit. I was getting very suspicious. I shrugged the feeling off and went back up to the surface.

Ever since the wall incident, I’ve been experiencing weird incidents. Forests had no trees (even when I could tell because F3 was on), chunks were failing to load, netherrack was dotted in the air, there were short and sharp lag spikes and so on. I went on the Minecraft Forums and created a thread about my situation. Many people dismissed it as ‘pure glitches and lies’. One day later, I was PMed by people who were saying they had been in my situation. The most interesting was from this person who said he had experienced them before. He stated: I have experienced your situation before, but it goes further. I’ve taken screenshots for you. I keep on seeing this pseudo-player but I can’t make out the details. He is in every screenshot, whether it’s behind a tree or on a distant island. I looked in the game’s code and I can’t see any existence of a player like this. I have never seen him before.

 We met on Skype and we created a Skype group called Skoop Umbra. I know it wasn’t the snappiest of names, but it stuck. I later found out they all lived on our own (just like me), they were all a similar age to me, we lived in the same city and we all had laptops. I arranged for them to come over. I bought large packs of Doritos and bottles of Mountain Dew (MLG, MLG) for us. When they came over, we took turns in showing our worlds to each other, me going first. FYI, it was time-consuming and not very enjoyable. We couldn’t get to a conclusion, so they left. We promised to stay in touch.

Then the bizarre thing happened again. My house was blown up. All my buildings were gone. Right in the middle of the crater where my house once stood were a number of signs that said: D vh czmz ajmzqzm. I instantly recongnised it. It was a code called Caesar Cipher, and I decoded it via the Internet. It said: I am here forever. I felt a shiver down my spine.

The most bizarre thing was that I encountered the entity. It was right in front of me, next to a hill amidst the fog. I set it to medium render distance (because of the lag spikes which were becoming more frequent) so it was hard to spot. From what I could tell, the entity was a jet black player with blood red eyes. It had a name on top of it (which said Sheol_Extreme), but it was in the font Crazy Killer. I failed to screenshot it though because when I approached it, the game crashed and I panicked. I opened Skype in a frenzy and I told the group about the entity, and one of them responded. Hehad encountered him as well, stating that his world had vanished after he relaunched the game. I launched Minecraft, fearing that mine would be gone as well, and I wasn’t surprised that it was.

We set up a server from scratch and everyone joined. We built structures that every Minecrafter would know, but solely for the purpose of attracting this Sheol_Extreme person. We could take a screenshot of him. But we let our guard down. At some point, some of us went mining for diamonds and s*** and some others were watching YouTube and not using Minecraft, which left two people behing on the surface. We called each other on Skype via group chat. Eventually, one person yelled that the woods were in flames. Then I screenshotted a code in the chat which said: Rcj rdgg wz admno oj avgg?

 At that moment, we knew he was here. Eventually, the surface players disconnected. They later said that they had been disconnected and when they tried to reconnect, it said: Connection Refused: You have fallen. You cannot reconnect ;) –SheolExtreme

PS: Don’t mind giving me the trade name.

 Afterwards, everyone started dying for no reason and later were banned by SheolExtreme, which meant I was the only one left. The chat brimmed with a code saying: Tjp vmz ocz jigt jiz gzao. Vxxzko tjpm avoz.

 I encountered SheolExtreme again. He was at the end of the mineshaft, seemingly watching me. I screenshotted it in a frenzy, and then Minecraft crashed and closed. I noticed that the shortcut had disappeared. I looked everywhere and then I knew that SheolExtreme had wiped my computer clean of Minecraft. “S***, better redownload it,” I muttered to myself.

Even after downloading it, I never touched Minecraft again. SheolExtreme has been destroying all my worlds, and I might’ve underestimated his vast power. Except there’s this feeling, maybe a sixth sense, that tells me something, since it was the only one which came in signs.