It was an average day on Minecraft. I had just made a new world. I spawned in a plains biome, more specifically next to a village well. It must have been a large village, because almost immediately I spotted an Iron Golem patrolling around the village. I followed him for a bit, and he sauntered down the most northern path. It looked to be an average affair, with wheat, turnips, carrots and potatoes, as well as farmer huts, libraries, until I spotted a strange stand and the end of the path which appeared to have a Nitwit inhabiting it. The Iron Golem seemed to stand there, as if monitoring our interaction. I spoke to him, but he was apparently not a Nitwit despite his green robes. His class was 'Shopkeeper'.

I'd never seen the class before, let alone the structure, so I was taken aback. He had some decent trades, but what really caught my eye was the chest he had hidden in the back of the stall. Forgetting about our overseer, I made an attempt to snag open the chest. The Shopkeeper blocked me from opening it, but I'd have guessed he was angry based on the particles emerging from his head. The Iron Golem, although not attacking me, began to drag me away from the stand. The Shopkeeper glared at me for a bit, until he noticed the chest beginning to shake as if there was something inside. He quickly turned to the chest and carried it into the back room. What could be in that chest that's so important? I thought out loud to myself, as I was dragged away from the strange little stall.

As the Iron Golem carried me back down the path, I realized our destination was the center of the village, the well. The question was, is the Iron Golem going to leave me at my spawn point? Or will he dump me in the well? As he held me over the well, it became obvious what the answer was.


I tried to swim back up, but I felt the Iron Golem holding me down. My resistance to the water was almost deplenished, as I made a pathetic struggle to reach the surface. My hitpoints began to whittle down, half a heart at a time. I began to lose the ability to struggle, as my screen went red. I had hit a Game Over.

I respawned out of pure necessity to know who, or what was in the chest that shook. I didn't respawn at the well, but in a pitch black area, with no room to move. I tried to move, but ultimately just shook around whatever container I was in. I could hear perfectly fine, though. I remained idle for a bit, until my ears pricked up. Noise. I heard heavy and soft footsteps approach me. I was bewildered as to what they might be, until I heard a third noise.

A villager.