NOTE: My first creepypasta! Please tell me is it good or bad. I was playing with my friend Mike (SkyLord) one night and something was pretty disturbing.... Chapter 1: The woods


This is SkyLord's skin

We started a basic world and started exploring...we needed wood so we went to forest. SkyLord heard some pretty creepy sounds and he alerted me. <SkyLord>: Man i'm hearing some pretty scary noises do you hear something? <Yosher> (ME): Idk man i don't hear anything maybe it's just something mixed up <SkyLord>: Hell's that? dude just run! "we ran away" <Yosher>: Dude calm down tell me what you saw <SkyLord> my screen turned into static and some player was walking around with random skin... it's only you and me on server!

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