It was raining on real life. It was 10:00 PM. Me and my friends, Sean and Kevin were on sleepover. We were bored reading campfire tales and legends, so we decided to play minecraft on our computers. We took out our computers and loaded up minecraft. Sean said we must decide who's world to go, and they chose mine.

My Minecraft name tag is "BEATEROFWORLD", and Sean was just his name on the name tag. Kevin did the same. We went into my world where there was lots of trees and flowers, and a wooden house which I built days earlier. There was a kitchen which I put furnaces and fancy stuff there. Sean said the house looks awesome, and Kevin said we should go in.

When we got in our house, it wasn't that I was expecting. Skeleton skulls were everywhere on the floor, including red stone wires. I was surprised. There was a sign with a zalgo text through it. The text said "IT HAS BEGAN." What? Kevin said I shouldn't put up a trick like that, and I told him that it wasn't me.

The kitchen was flooded with retextured bloody zombies that was born from your nightmares. We all fought them and they all got defeated. Sean got hit by one of the zombies and got blindness and nausea. His screen then was covered by a skull with moving eyes. Then, suddenly, his game crashed. Sean reloaded minecraft and joined back, but after he joined, somehow, at the corner of the door, stood the most terrifying real thing I've saw in my whole life.

It has a skull for a head and a bloody body. It was a Steve model. After I watched it for 3 seconds, it ran away. I screamed "What the hell?" And I chased it. Sean and Kevin was following behind me. But, when I got into the door, it was locked. I wasn't able to open it, nor do my friends. We were stuck in our own house, and redstone wires randomly generated.

My computer was invaded by ghast and Herobrine-like screaming sounds. Sean closed minecraft and shut down his computer and watched me and Kevin play. The door was still locked, and I couldn't open in any way. I tried breaking it, but it wouldn't crack a bit.

Then, weird things happened. My house was on fire, and Kevin's model morphed into a bloody skeleton. The skeleton Kevin attacked me, and I killed him. Kevin said he had no idea what happened, and I said it may be a ghost that haunts Minecraft.

Suddenly, I heard a voice that sounded like a muffled, scary man's voice:"You are not alone..." Then the figure I had seen before reappeared on my screen, not Kevin's. He kicked Kevin out of minecraft and I was alone. His face invaded me, and my computer started to heat up. I closed my computer, but it got hotter and hotter and redder and was turning red, until my computer exploded with blood stains.


Blood was everywhere, and I couldn't believe my computer spat out blood. Kevin and Sean ran out of my room. I screamed to wait, but they wouldn't listen. Suddenly, I heard a stabbing sound and a scream. Then a horrible laughter. Footsteps approached me, and my doorknob rattled. After about 2 minutes, it stopped. I slowly opened the door, and found Sean and Kevin dead, with their heads melted into their skulls. I dropped down and called my parents, and they called 911.

3 Months later....

Minecrafters were getting killed and killed, and they got all their heads melted into their skulls. The police wasn't sure what was actually going on. I got a new computer, and I looked into minecraft files. There was a file named "SKULL.FILE", which contains the secrets. If you open it, you'll find a picture of the figure with blood red writing "I WILL SNATCH YOUR SKULL." There is also a page that contains the action that he did. There was a text saying "REBBIG LLUKS", and when I found out, the figure was........