I barricade the front door with whatever scraps of protection the floor had to provide. The screeching just became louder, and louder, endlessly. It progressed from a low rumble to a haunting tone. There's nothing more to do but wait for the sun to rise once again. But I fear this time I shall never see another morning.

I peak through a small slit in a barricaded window. The mob of sickly, slender, pitch black figures is slowly approaching me. Every time they step, the earth underneath them turns as black as their skin. They literally kill every damn thing they lay their claws on. Fearing their glowing, purple eyes would meet mine, I quickly duck underneath the window and crawl back into a position where I would be ready for attack from any side.

There is no moonlight to emit scarce light to give an advantage to me. It seems the universe itself has abandoned me this time. There is no other choice at this point. In a last effort of defense before my time runs out, I strike the doorknob with my pickaxe, shattering it, and move my chests full of stone in front of the door. All there is to do now is wait.

The screeching is paining my ears. I am prepared to fight for my life. They will not take me tonight. It is either my quick death or a long battle to their death. I turn around to arm myself with an enchanted sword. Then, I hear an ear-piercing screech from behind.

I slowly turn around, knowing what I will meet my eyes with. How could I be so foolish? Turning my back on the little shits gave one the perfect opportunity to corner me. I helplessly swipe at it, my sword going straight through its body, blackening it. It seems to find entertainment in my vulnerability. I observe it, while it stares emotionless back at me. It's waiting for me to blink. Its arms are moving in anticipation, finger-like growths protruding from its hands, appearing from nothing. Its tongue slips outside of its mouth. My eyes could not bare being open anymore. I see years of my life flash in front of me as I close my eyes, and feel my body split open.

It begins by tearing open my limbs, feasting off of the flesh and muscle. I scream, but it instantly fades into a hollow tone as my body begins to cease living. He finishes my limbs, leaving me absolutely powerless. He continues to claw at my torso, blood and stray flesh spilling everywhere. I feel every bit of pain as it rips out my ribs, cracking them inside of his mouth, before it takes one last swipe at my heart.