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I was playing on a Server, And was the one of the last 5 people left in survival games.. but then I saw a user, that wasn't playing, I walked to it, but the game crashed. I Rejoined, Eager to keep playing, but I ended up in a Black room with a user named 'BeHappy23" and he had a clown skin. I walked towards it, and he spoke. "Smile" he said. I Changed my skin to a smiling skin. But once again he said "Smile" . I saw Shadows on the wall. But thought they were my brother and sister. they didn't leave. But oh well. I got teleported to bedrock. And there was a giant head. The eyes started following me around. Then a whole bunch of users joined named "BeHappy1" to "BeHappy100000" They said the same thing. "Smile". I left, terrified. Rejoined, and everything was normal. I was killed in Survival games though. Me and my friend skyped. but then got kicked from the server with a message saying "You Aren't Smiling." Other servers started showing the message, and we could never join them again. So i quit minecraft and watched the news. The news said that every clown in town has Disappeared. I went to bed And woke up, Only remembering Basic things and the word 'Smile". My mum was there and said to me "Why are you smiling so much?" I just shrugged, cause i knew she was joking, but maybe i was wrong, my cheeks started hurting. I fell Asleep and woke up the next morning. I was the first one awake, so i went to check the mail. There was one letter, with an unknown sender. In the Letter there were 2 words. "Keep Smiling."

This creepypasta is not to be edited. Hope you enjoy! This is FAKE. So no comments about that. Please. Hope you enjoyed my first creepypasta By ittybittybummer

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