Author's Note

This is a little remake that I thought I would do. This was just for fun and can be put into the shorter end of my stories. CREDIT GOES TO THEMYSTERIOUSHOOD FOR LETTING ME DO A REMAKE OF THIS GREAT STORY!

Make sure you've read the original.


There was once a player that wasn't really good at Minecraft. In fact, this was quite proven many times before by the admins of a server.

Not very many people liked him since he was a noob, and he was quite unhappy with his unintentional reputation.

<ShadowXX5> What? Come on! <Geodashie> You remind me of someone just as stupid as you! <Eggman45> I'll ban this punk.

He was banned multiple times, and he just wanted to reason with people but ended up getting more people to laugh at him.

This was from the twenty-eighth time he was banned.

<ShadowXX5> I can't believe this. I have scored an unintentional reputation by failing over, and over again at parkour. I swear I want to destroy those admins...

Shadow walked over to the building section. He thought he could build a carrot.

<ShadowXX5> I guess I'll build a carrot. <SomeotherplayerthatI'mnotgoingtobothername> WHAT YA GONNA DO WITH IT? EAT IT?!


<ShadowXX5> Why are you all doing this??? I haven't even done anything to you! <SOPTINGTBN> SOAPY POO!!

The admins intervened and banned him for the twenty-ninth time.

He had a youtube account with four videos. They were his fail montage. Lots of haters and parkour pros laughed at him in the comments, disliking his videos.

A gunshot.

The hate has really pushed this guy to his limits. He was too discouraged to move on, so he forbid himself to live another second.

A few months later, an admin was playing on the server, when suddenly, his window opened. It filled him with shock. He was sure it was locked and the wind was nothing but a low gale. He closed it, but a black figure pursued him and stabbed him to death.

Admin by admin, the server started to come to a halt.

Do not go to this server: Lucky Games

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