one day, i was playing minecraft on the hypixel server....... my favorite game was mega walls. i already got maxed out dread. but then something strange happened..... i defended the wither in mega walls until i got killed by a player...... the players name was Steve. he got the basic Steve skin (logic) but he was just a noob! he got the basic zombie kit. i thought forget it! i rushed back to stop him but he wasn't there! i started to get to the front and got killed by steve. maybe he is a bit pro i thought!

i asked if my team if steve did any damage to the wither, but they say Steve does not exist! (except the base skin weared by noobs of course) so i thought he leaved. after a long time i got killed by guess who?: steve! my team begun asking why i kill myself all the time. i got a bit stressed out.

i left megawalls and played some galaxywars. steve probably left. but i got killed by steve! but he looked more deformed like a person missing flesh.... i also noticed he he got grey eyes!

after all that i got to novaskin to find steves skin because it looked very cool! but nope.... it was the basic steve skin. i needed to relax and i played singleplayer. i found Steve stalking me from the corners of the screen. like every creepy stalker he dissapeared into thin air! before he dissapeared he had black eyes with a red dots in it that are too small for a minecraft pixel. and a skeleton skin. however he still weared the steve costume. 5 minutes later my computer crashed for the first time since i had it. when i restarted i noticed my background was 95% black.... it only had red dots and a red mouth in a minecraft style. i changed the background back.

when minecraft loaded i noticed the mojang logo looked a bit odd....... a lot of sad 8-bit souls on the background already scared me anough. but then i heared wooden footsteps behind me. and guess who: real life steve. he desolved in thin air again.... i was really creeped out and i slept all the time with lights on and the doors locked. and every night i had the same nightmare:

I come home from a long day of school. I hear the track 11.... when i look back i see a skeleton with Steve's clothes on slowly walking to me with an iron pickaxe in his hand. then he jumps to me en kills me with the pickaxe like i was a piece of stone. since then i find myself waking up with a cardboard minecraft pickaxe.



since the first nightmare i deleted minecraft and didn't play it for 2 years. while writing this the game is installing. i hope i will never see "Steve" again.....


left side


so...... you still read this? i will put some pictures here of me recreating the "Steve" skin


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